Personalised professional legal services

Sonnenberg & Associates is a boutique legal services consultancy specialising in property law, wills and the winding up of estates, trust work and registrations of companies and liquidations through CIPC. Our range of personalised  professional legal services will give you peace of mind in any situation.

personalised professional legal services

Fritz Sonnenberg

Legal Consultant

Fritz Sonnenberg, has close to 30 years’ experience as a legal consultant, notary public, and conveyancer and is capable of providing legal advice and services in a wide range of legal domains.

we are

Sonnenberg & Associates is a boutique legal services consultancy specializing in property law, wills and estates, and CIPC registrations. We aim to be the top choice in Cape Town for wills, estates, and CIPC work, providing a personalized professional service. Our core values include professionalism, promptness, reliability, honesty, integrity, and care. We offer a range of personalised professional legal services, including Masters office work, CIPC work, commercial contract drafting, property advice, and general legal advice. Our mission is to deliver quick results-based service at competitive prices.

our mission

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Our aim is to provide the quickest results-based service at both the Masters office and CIPC at competitive prices. 


To be the “go-to” small legal business in Cape Town for conveyancing, wills and estates and CIPC work.


Professionalism, promptness, reliability, honesty, integrity and caring.


To provide the quickest, results-based service in property law, at the Masters Office and at CIPC at competitive prices.

Our services

What We offer

office work

Acting as executor of estates, drafting and giving advice on the structuring of wills, drafting, effecting amendments to existing Trust Deeds and Letters of Authority, registration of trusts.


Reservation of names and registration of companies and close corporations, liquidations of companies and close corporations, changes of directors/members.

Drafting of commercial contracts

Drafting employment contracts, shareholders agreements, sale of share agreements, confidentiality agreements, joint venture agreements, loan agreements, sale of business agreements, association agreements.

of leases

Drafting of leases and the sale of immovable property agreements.


General legal advice.


How to structure a transaction, in which entity to hold your property, advising on deeds of sale, Capital Gains Tax and more.

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